Customer care

Our company, which brings the irresistible cheese flavor to you, serves with its production facility that fully complies with international quality standards. Our company, which is always at the forefront of cheese, does not contain any additives or preservatives in the cheeses it produces hygienically. Our cheeses, which offer quality and taste together, meet the health conditions sought in full.

Regarding cheese, you can choose what you want from our expanded product range tree, and you can get the taste you miss in a short time. Our cheeses are offered to you under our assurance in every respect, and we guarantee that they will give you the taste you are looking for. After receiving your orders, our company takes the necessary steps quickly and delivers them to you as soon as possible. Since the first day we started to operate, we have been working by making the principle of customer satisfaction our goal within the framework of our service understanding that does not compromise on quality.

Our company guarantee comes into effect immediately after your cheese order, and the guarantee continues until the stage you evaluate after the delivery of the cheese. If there is a problem in the shipping phase of the cheese or if it is not liked for any reason after delivery, we take our products back without any conditions. The returned product is either replaced with a new one or a different product, or a refund is made in line with your request. Our company does not seek any conditions while refunding the fee, and returns the entire fee in full without any deductions.


Our company works to deliver the products you have chosen to you as soon as possible. When we were producing with small capacity per day with our establishment, we also made progress in terms of delivery during the transition to large-scale production. In order for you to reach the taste you are looking for in a short time without any problems, we carry out the deliveries either by our own vehicle or by cargo that will be delivered as soon as possible. With our specially designed refrigerated vehicles, we deliver our products such as cheese, cottage cheese and butter to you without experiencing any negativity. In addition, during shipping by cargo, our products are generally made with cargo vehicles suitable for product shipment. We deliver our products to you in a cold thermogel and vacuumed form. The product delivery processes, which we first started in the Netherlands, have expanded with the increase in production and the arrival of orders from neighboring countries. Today, we deliver to countries such as Germany, France and Belgium, as well as the Netherlands, in the fastest possible time. Our products, which are guaranteed by the name of the first order, are carefully preserved until they are delivered. By reaching the consumer directly without any action on any wholesaler, we prevent all the problems that may arise from the very beginning. We carefully prepare the products that you have chosen among various products, reflecting your taste, and ship them with the same care. In this sense;

We provide service with our professional working team.
Our vehicles and the cargo companies we work with are suitable for delivery.
We deliver the products directly to you in a short time.

We show the meticulousness and care we have shown at every stage of production at every step of delivery. By providing hassle-free transportation service, we ensure that the products are delivered to the consumers with the desired taste and at the lowest cost. You will find the product you have chosen among our wide product portfolio and delivery to your door, ready for use in your kitchen without any effort. Our company, which has set customer satisfaction as a target since the first day in product transportation, works to ensure that every stage of the customer’s order goes smoothly and is provided in a hygienic and healthy way.