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About Güzelyayla

The professional dairy factory of Nurcan Erdogan-Altunay and Hasan Altunay in Cuijk (The Netherlands) is named after Güzelyayla, a village in the Black Sea region of Turkey. This region is known for its special cheeses. The cheeses manufactured by Güzelyayla are handcrafted following traditional methods. Despite the growth and modernization at Güzelyayla over the past thirteen years, the various Turkish cheeses are still being made according to the original recipe of Nurcan’s mother. This is also reflected in the name of the cheeses: Güzel Annem. ‘Annem’ is the Turkish word for mother. This way, the cheese is also a tribute to family. The recipe has been further developed by Nurcan into a tasty cheese, which is available in different types (see products).

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Authentic family business

The Güzelyayla dairy factory was set up by Nurcan and Hassan in the Dutch village of Beers in 2008. In the early years, about eighty kilograms of cheese were handcrafted every day. After a small detour in the village of Mill, the dairy factory has been located in an ultra-modern production facility on De Hork in Cuijk since 2019. The authenticity and family character of the dairy factory, which is still being run by the Altunay family, has remained the same over the years. Thanks to a team of dedicated employees, Güzelyayla produces about four tons of cheese every week. The cheese and butter find their way to many satisfied customers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France on a daily base.

Unique recipe

De 100% natuurlijke Güzel Annem-kazen hebben een unieke structuur en een bijzondere receptuur zonder enige kunstmatige toevoegingen, conserveringsmiddelen of kleurstoffen. Zout en stremsel zijn de enige additieven. Daarmee houdt Güzelyayla vast aan het recept van Nurcan’s moeder en onderscheidt de kaasmakerij zich ook van andere kaasmakerijen die bewust conserveringsmiddelen toevoegen om het rijpingsproces te beïnvloeden.

Guzelannem peynir uretimi

The 100% natural Güzel Annem cheeses have a unique structure and a extraordinary recipe without any artificial additives, preservatives or artificial colouring being used. Salt and rennet are the only additives. In manufacturing the cheese this way, Güzelyayla is able to stick to the traditional recipe as well as managing to distinguish the cheese factory from other dairies which add preservatives to influence the ripening process.


Another distinctive feature is that the Güzel Annem cheeses from Güzelyayla are completely tearable. After all, the majority of customers do not eat this cheese as a sandwich filling, but mainly use it as a garnish or fondue. The strands are braided on site and are placed in salty water to influence the taste positively. As high-quality milk is processed immediately upon arrival, both the young and the old cheeses are very light in colour and have a special taste. By-product of the cheese is the very creamy Trabzon butter, which has also become increasingly popular with Güzelyayla customers over the years.